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free iPhone 4 - Get a free Apple iPhone 4. Sounds outstanding, doesn't it? In reality it is actually much simpler than you think! Maybe you have spotted offers in the past to get an iPhone 4 from Apple for free and thought, That simply cannot be The fact is, it really is possible to get a iPhone 4 free, as long as you know how!

free iPhone 4 - You'll also see quite a few YouTube videos saying that they're going to give you a free Apple iPhone4. In reality, most of these people are aiming to promote their page views on YouTube, and will simply send you to some other website, most likely amongst the ones we reviewed earlier that couldtry and sell you some other items to get your free iPhone 4.

First of all, if you search Google for free Apple iPhone 4, you'll uncover loads of internet sites saying that they are going to present you with a free Apple iPhone4. But, the majority of them require you to buy some additional, much more costly item if you want to get your "free iPhone 4". Actually, this isn't a free iPhone 4 at all. They just jack up the price of the product you must purchase to pay for their cost of the iPhone 4, so you wind up paying for the Apple iPhone 4, plus another thing, that do not need.

You'll want to be cautious though, you'll find thousands of web sites declaring that they will give you a free iPhone 4, but most of them are ripoffs of some sort. I've personally tried quite a few and so far, only one has actually delivered an Apple iPhone 4. I told my friend about it, and he got one too, so this business appears to be reliable. Additionally, they emailed me a 2-page customer survey about the iPhone 4, how it works and its features, and it was super easy to fill out, and now the iPhone 4 is mine to keep forever, and it only took a couple of minutes of time.

The TRUE way to get an iPhone 4 from Apple for free, is to be a tester. They should send you a free iPhone 4, and you just need to work with it, and supply them with some criticism on it. They need real-world potential customer reviews from people just like you, offering you an excellent opportunity to acquire an Apple iPhone 4 for free, in return for just a few moments to respond to a couple questions and let them how much you like it.